Check, Mate!

The disgruntled pawns watch their Black and Whites as the Bishop makes PR moves to protect the retreating “King”


In the last month and a half, media attention has become focused on Alan Pardew after a horrendous run of performances and results have been highlighted by the Newcastle United support. Statistics, quotes and dispelled myths, all highlighted via our campaign, have made the sporting world sit up and listen to the concerns of the Newcastle United fan base.


Since the game at home to Hull, numerous fans at numerous fixtures have been seen to hold up SackPardew banners and vocally show their discontent at not only the self-proclaimed “King” Alan Pardew, but the man playing with the chess-pieces. This very same man; is the man who has made a diagonal move with his Bishop to protect his “King”.


What would normally be considered a decent result away in Wales at Swansea, the international break and a hard-fought victory over recently promoted Leicester City have provided a good opportunity for the club and it’s many pieces to begin watering down any form of protest against them. Their method is a spin of media coverage which questions the integrity of the SackPardew campaign and also questions the support provided from the rest of the fan base.


The very fact that at the Leicester game a number of G4S staff were drafted in highlighted how fragile the club was feeling if results didn’t go our way. With potential uproar a possibility in the stands, additional measures were taken in order to intimidate and silence any protest. Further to this, the ‘surfer’ banner was unveiled in the Gallowgate End, in a transparent effort to kill that negative vibe (which was added to by the poor installation of the new screens) and turn it into a positive. Seemingly it worked. However, should this really have been a ‘big game’ with a ‘big atmosphere’? The fact that it was made one speaks volumes of the clubs ambition (or lack of).


“Where is the media spin?” - I hear you ask. Well, first of all, we (SackPardew) would like to shed some light on some extremely poor journalism we noted recently, alluding to personal threats made against Alan Pardew – the man, and Mr Pardew’s family and friends.


SackPardew is a non-profit campaign with Newcastle United’s best interests at heart. This is no different from any supporters group or any individual who supports their team. The blame for Newcastle United’s extremely poor turn of form and results, especially since the beginning of the calendar year, as at any football club in modern football, falls at the managers’ feet. Newcastle United’s manager is Alan Pardew. The reason for our campaign is to make it clear that his position is untenable and to highlight to the owner of the club that we do not accept this abysmal form. That being said, SackPardew has proven to be professional, clear and concise, proving its worth as its own media organisation. We have gained the attention of worldwide media through our professional approach, so why would we make threats against Pardew (the man) and his family? There would be simply no need.


Furthermore, we would also like to condemn such actions if they are being made by members of our support. We understand that the pressure mounting on Mr Pardew may affect him personally, but the pressure being applied is in no way a reflection of him as a man, only as a manager.


We, at SackPardew feel that the reporting, (attributed to no-one), was a direct attempt to muddy the water amongst the Newcastle faithful and water down any protest that was gathering pace. Therefore, we would like to ask, that if allegations of threats are going to be made against our campaign, they are first checked and validated and secondly attributed to the journalist that claims to be reporting on FACT.


So, why are these stories coming about? It would appear that the club have drafted in Keith Bishop Associates in a desperate attempt to silence the growing dissent and quell the rumblings of discontent around NE1. This is the same PR machine that has previously been criticised by journalists in its attempts to exacerbate a certain Cheryl Tweedy incident and now it seems they are doing the exact same media spin to try and prevent a backlash from the Newcastle United support. This has been further emphasised by the countless amount of current and ex-players and staff who have recently come out to support Pardew and his role at Newcastle (see below).


Ex-player Chris Waddle defended Pardew saying he didn’t think another manager would get more out of the team (10 October 2014):

“The players are still playing for Pardew so he must be doing something right.

”But sometimes you have to be realistic and say ‘how good are the team?’ Currently, they’re on par with the teams in the bottom half of the league. People might say they’re better than that, but does that mean you get a new manager in who can get more out of his team? Personally I don’t think you can.”

Source: The Chronicle


Current player Mike Williamson called Pardew a ‘fantastic manager’ with the ‘right credentials’ and a ‘wealth of experience at every level’ and said there are ‘exciting times ahead’ (14 October 2014):

“He certainly has the right credentials. He’s come in and in terms of the teams, we have been building. We’ve had some difficult periods over the last four or five years, but in terms of consistency, training discipline, structure and mentality, he’s the right man and there are exciting times ahead.

“He’s a fantastic manager. He’s got a wealth of experience at every level and he’s the focal point of the club so he is going to come in for criticism at a big club with the expectations we have.”

Source: The Chronicle


Ex-player and current reserve team manager Peter Beardsley even came out to proclaim Pardew a ‘great manager’ who is ‘doing a great job’ (15 October 2014):

“We have a great owner and a great manager. So I don’t know what the panic is.

“But when I look at the job the manager has done, he’s done a great job. And I think we should just let him get on with it.”

Source: The Chronicle


Finally, ex-player Lee Bowyer trotted the ‘better the devil you know’ argument comparing the club to the likes of Fulham and Wolverhampton Wanderers (23 October 2014):

“It seems to have happened for the last two years now. After eight games Newcastle don’t start too well. Then everybody is like ‘Get rid of him’.

“The same thing has happened at West Ham last season. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. If Newcastle get rid of him. He knows the Premier League inside out, he knows the players and if you get rid of him. Who are you going to bring in? Who will he replace him with? Look at Fulham – they were an established club, then had three managers in a year, it was ridiculous. Now they are struggling in the Championship. Look at Wolves. Mick McCarthy, he’s an established Premier League manager and knew the place inside out, he was really experienced. They got rid and the next thing they’re in League One. They should never have got rid of him.”

Source: The Chronicle


What’s interesting about these people coming out in support of Alan Pardew is that most of them are on the club’s payroll or still hold strong ties to the club. Even more interestingly, there are no solid arguments provided for the show of support, or indeed explanations for our dismal for since the turn of the year. We could very easily have created a SackPardew website claiming Pardew is a “terrible guy” and the “future is bleak” with zero empirical evidence to back it up, but if we’d done that people would rightly have paid no attention to it.  It is worth bearing this in mind when reading ‘pro-Pardew’ comments from supposed experts, ex-pros, and people associated with the club, because all evidence points very clearly to Alan Pardew being a terrible Newcastle United manager and, therefore, suggests the people making these public statements having vested interests of some kind.


So, what next? The club tried to silence disgruntled customers (in Ashley’s eyes) at the Hull home game through some increased measures taken at St. James’ Park surrounding the number of stewards and the removal of ‘protest’ materials. The manager has criticised the ‘support’ and questioned our loyalty in home and away fixtures, attributing some of the blame to us as “paying customers” for the poor product we are receiving. (Where else would a shop get away with this?) The Bishop has moved in to protect the owners King and it seems that this won’t be the end of an attempt to silence a peaceful protest.


Is there a fear that highlighting just how poorly Mr Pardew is performing and just how far our club has fallen might make the good folk of our fair city question why they are providing their custom? Perhaps we will now see another attempt to manipulate the pawns through their lies and deceit?

  • Laurent Robert 32

    Another great article.

    Pardew out, Ashley out.

  • Leavepards

    Great article as always, seen more players defend him like lovennkrands and Bernard as well!seen the banners for Spurs great stuff,please keep going untill this fool has been removed!

  • Joe Hawkins

    Nice one !
    Although i think most have seen through the utter rubbish that messrs Beardsley & Co have been spouting.
    In fact i would have to question my faith in Humanity if that type of stage managed guff was accepted as gospel by some.
    It really is poor propaganda and has Ashley’s grubby paw prints all over it so you can see straight through it.

    Once we get rid of this quack remedy salesman of a manager this site should change to remove
    So far you have shown that you can more than ruffle the feathers of Fatty Arbuckle and this should continue after Walter Mitty is given the Spanish Archer !