City Centre Distribution Map

Here are all of our pub (red markers) and street (yellow markers) distribution points this Saturday, for the 30,000 “” A4 display sheets.

Pub collections will take place between 12pm and 2.30pm, with on-street distribution occurring between 1pm and 3pm.

The 100 larger banners can only be collected from Bar Loco (red marker nearest St. James’ Park) having been pre-agreed with us first, so get in touch via [email protected] or through Twitter @SackPardew.

There is absolutely no charge for any of this, all materials will be given free to supporters who want to take part.

We suggest that the A4 sheets are taken into the stadium for a display in the 5th minute for a protest against Alan Pardew’s measly 5 wins in the whole of 2014 to date.

Please do not litter the streets with them once collected and please do not leave them as litter in the stadium. Either keep them or bin them when you’re done.

We hope everyone enjoys a peaceful protest and that together we can achieve our objective.

List of participating pubs:

  • Bar Loco
  • Beyond Bar
  • The Centurion
  • The Crows Nest
  • The Goose
  • The Hotspur
  • The Junction
  • The Percy Arms
  • Rosie’s Bar
  • The Trent House Soul Bar


  • Joe Hawkins

    This did not work and in the age of Social media etc it only played into Ashley’s hands and raised the sympathy stakes for Pardew!
    You going to have to go back to the drawing board and think about being more clandestine in your approach.

    When you are announcing your going to do this or going to do that you are forewarning and forearming the regime and giving them time to act.
    It is going to have to be done the old fashioned way through propaganda and constant leaflets and people outside of the stadium every week!

  • Irish Crime News

    Newcastle now ROCK BOTTOM.

    Fist pump!?