Thank God we are not in the Europa League again…

One of Pardew’s glaring managerial deficiencies, considering he talks of himself as a top class manager, was his inability to successfully juggle a Europa League campaign without nearly relegating the club.


He claims this is down to the competition itself and the strains it puts on a squad – he claims this to be a universal truth and has frequently commented on how he sees other clubs struggling in a similar way. But how do other clubs in a similar situation really cope with it? We looked at the records of other clubs who have competed in the Europa League/UEFA Cup since the group format was introduced following a Europe-less league campaign, how many games they played, and how the transition affected their league form. Is there a pattern of teams struggling to cope with the extra burden, as Pardew’s comments would suggest, or was Newcastle’s struggle down to other factors?

This is important because one of the things most often used to defend Pardew’s position is that he took the club to a 5th place finish, with the insinuation that he could repeat the feat. But what if he does? Could the club feasibly trust him with another European campaign?

Euro PNG 1xThese figures are purely a representation of the numbers, obviously they do not take into account managerial changes, player turnover, domestic cup commitments or any other factor that typically affects the fate of a football club. However, a few things stand out:

On average, a team that qualifies for the Europa League following a season out of Europe will win just over 4.5 points less during their participating season. Under Alan Pardew, Newcastle United earned 24 points less – more than any other qualifying team.

On average, a team that qualifies for the Europa League following a season out of Europe will find their league position negatively affected by 2.4 league places. Under Alan Pardew, Newcastle United finished 11 places lower – more than any other qualifying team.

But Pardew took us to the quarter final! Surely that lengthy run accounts for much of the under-performance in the league?

In fact, if we just look at the teams with large European commitments (10+ games), it actually appears that a long European campaign has a minimal effect on league form. In this scenario, teams who play 10+ Europa League games only see their league form affected by 1.5 places on average and lose only 2.2 points – less than one win over an entire season.

Euro PNG 4x

Furthermore, if we just take the teams who qualified due to league success (rather than by the back door e.g. Fair Play, Intertoto, Cup runners up etc), we find that teams who finished 6th or above only find their league placing affected by 1 single position, and their points go down by 1.8 per season. Again, Newcastle, who were amongst that company of high league finishers, lost 24 points and 11 league places.

Euro PNG 2xIt’s interesting that one of the worst performing teams in our table is the West Ham 2006-07 side, the only team in our list to be knocked out in their first European tie. Even without any European commitment after September, they still only managed to accrue 14 points by December and were 3 points from safety when they sacked their manager – Alan Pardew.

  • JB

    Great article, shows up the “europa league” excuse for what it was. The drop in points was purely down to Pardew.

  • SackPardew

    The first of many submissions to, hopefully, all aimed at dispelling popular myths that surround our not-so glorious leader.

  • R Taylor

    Fantastic article. The last paragraph is absolutely amazing.

  • Faustino1892

    Fabulous article. Really well written and cuts through a lot of the excuses as JB says. It’s informative pieces like that, that give me hope for the future of our Club. Looking forward to having a good read through this site and using some of the facts to help make a change for the better.

  • Laurent Robert 32

    Brilliant article and outstanding website, guys. Superb. Well done, and keeping pushing. There’s a lot more on board with it now. Pardew out.

  • Dickie Mint

    This website is amazing keep it up :)

  • Joe Hawkins

    He was full of it because he was using the kids and fringe players for a lot of the games in Europe then bringing back the heavy hitters for the league games.
    I think the problem was with him changing the team too much constantly which affected the bonding process of the first team.

    I think the European Cup can have a galvanizing effect on a club because you have a jump on the other clubs with the early start and better fitness levels when the League starts.
    The problem Pardew had with Europe was he is not good enough a manager to manage at that level and isn’t capable of even managing at Premiership level.
    Personally i don’t think he has any business being a manager in at least the top two divisions or even League One and Two level.
    Managers like Gary Johnson and Russell Slade are better than pardew!

  • Sammy

    Luv the site nice one. keep it up.

  • lameduck

    Great site – it makes a refreshing change to have well written and substantiated arguments, plus it makes it much harder to deny just how deep his poison has spread.

  • Ande Walsh

    Can I offer my note of encouragement. Good luck with your mission. I (and many others) will be watching.

  • Geordie Ladd

    I have taken the time to read through all of this website
    before commenting

    Where it really scores is providing a platform to present the statistics and facts which are behind the arguments posted by bloggers who subsequently get shot down by others who can only trot out the old claims that Pardew is the best we can get, he would be impossible to replace and, when all else fails, anyone wanting him out is only being negative and not a true
    supporter, none of which have any factual basis whatsoever.

    The case for relieving Pardew of his duties has been overwhelming for a long time now and will continue to grow as his performance as a manager and a person continues to deteriorate.

    The mystery is why Ashley continues to employ him.

    Yes he has an eight year contract but his behaviour as a representative of the club alone should have left his position untenable even if results on the field had been more acceptable.

    Moreover other than the odd exception (Cabaye and more questionably Ba and Debuchy) the market value of just about every player signed and placed under his influence has plummeted, in many cases to zero

    As for being a yes man and toeing the party line, there are surely many managers out there who can do both in a more diplomatic fashion while being very well paid for compromising some of their principles.

    The argument about lack of funding also hits the rocks. Yes we all know that Ashley keeps the purse strings tight and that much, much more could be made available. The plain fact is that a quick glance around the managers outside of the top three spenders in the Premier League shows they all have to more or less balance the books over a season or two. Has that stopped Pochetino, Martinez. Rodgers (at Swansea) achieving? On the contrary proving that they have the ability to coach teams to success and more importantly constantly improve and therefore increase players’ values has led to their respective boards having the confidence in them to go out and spend money knowing it will not be wasted.

    I think the answer must lie in Ashley’s disastrous track record in appointments in the football world. He clearly doesn’t trust “football” men to run his business but needs someone to deliver the message to the troops in the dressing room and run that side of it along his lines. The managers that preceded Pardew either couldn’t or wouldn’t do that.

    Ashley’s business brain is tuned to cash flow and not asset value so as long as the TV, Commercial (via SD) and gate income streams remain intact he is happy. To date Pardew’s performance has not impacted on these and so he remains the least unpalatable option.

    • Mack Edwards

      Very insightful comment – spot on

  • phildene

    Good luck with the site. We desperately need to get rid of Pardew (plus Ashley too) so hope the pressure of this site works. We also need pressure put onto Pardew at matches too. We’ve never know such an incompetent and arrogant manager who’s also a liar to boot.

  • Jarramag

    One thing Pardews followers cannot dispute and that is facts.Well done and good luck on getting this cancer out of our club.KTF

  • Jack Chandler

    I dont blame you for wanting him out but you overachieved in the first place finishing 5th and getting in the Europa League, nobody expected that did they? so I dont see how you could expect Newcastle would be able to repeat another 65 points finish or better without spending a great amount of cash…