How does the story of Pardew end?

Fresh on the back of a defeat at Stoke and Pardew’s 10th loss in 14 Premier League games, Sky paraded a table showing the points tally of Premier League teams in the calendar year (excluding teams who have not participated in both the 2013/14 and 2014/15 seasons).

Newcastle, of course, generously propped up the 16 other eligible teams above them.

2014 Premier League table (excluding teams who have not participated in both 2013/14 and 2014/15 seasons)

Media speculation the day after Pardew’s latest touring horror show inevitably and predictably ended the same way as it always does – with leaked murmurs from the club of reassurances that his job is safe.

Whilst the footballing old boys’ who occupy punditry and journalist seats will never turn on their own, to prevent any awkwardness should they one day cross paths on a Match of the Day sofa or out of sheer cowardice as you prefer, the increasingly overwhelming catalogue of evidence against Alan Pardew will not shirk from the truth out of some sense of misplaced footballing nepotism.

The incontrovertible truth that is apparent to all but the willfully blind, biased and sycophantically diplomatic; Alan Pardew does not deserve to be the manager of Newcastle United.

Does he get results?

Does he get performances?

Is he a good man manager?

Is he tactically astute?

Is he an honest professional?

Is he at least likeable?
Don’t be silly.




How does this story end then?

Mike Ashley, for all his lack of footballing knowledge, cannot at this point be oblivious to Pardew’s inability to extract Premiership points from this squad. What he requires of Pardew will be markedly lower than what even the fractured Newcastle fan base require, of course – quite simply, he desires to collect Premier League TV revenue streams with the lowest expenditure possible with the rest falling into the category of peripheral guff.

Pardew does not seem on course to satisfy even this lowly ambition however, despite the club financing him during the summer transfer window, and, even if you believe the outlay wasn’t big enough, teams who began the summer window with weaker squads and spent less money look like better outfits than Newcastle. West Brom and Leicester City look formiddable by comparison. Teams who can be managed to be more than the sum of their parts are frightening and mysterious concepts in Newcastle sadly.

Pardew will not walk while he enjoys the lukewarm support or apathy from the St James’ Park crowd.

A hard-nosed businessman like Ashley, however, will know that the compensation of one-year’s salary which Pardew will be due for the termination of his paltry services will be significantly less to shell out than the money he will lose if he sticks with Pardew and the club sinks to the Championship for a second time.

The season is only six games old though and though Ashley may gamble a while longer, he’s lost this gamble before, and a quick glance down the tracks at Newcastle’s December fixtures tell you Ashley will get hit by the train of relegation again if he keeps acting with his heart and protecting his friend, who serves him obediently enough, Pardew.

In the January transfer window of 2013, Ashley had to spend approximately £30m to offset Pardew’s poor professional abilities.

Their aims, not aligned with those of a Newcastle United fan, have been largely successful historically though in that they’ve enjoyed success together in keeping the club in the league, avoiding low-revenue cup tournaments and reducing expenditure with the occasional transfer fee bonus such as the sales of Andy Carroll and Yohan Cabaye. Mike Ashley could gain more assurance that the club would stay in the league for cheaper however (with no repeats of January 2013 necessary), and the more the season unfolds and Newcastle remain in danger, the more he will have to look at ensuring Newcastle’s season doesn’t end with a costly whimper.

  • Laurent Robert 32

    The soul has been sucked out of the club by Ashley and his useless puppet.

    Fan strength in numbers whilst taking part in whatever action is being formed will see us unite against these conmen. You have to take part though. Having your head in the sand and keeping quite will only ease the pressure on them.

    Pardew out, Ashley out.

  • Joe Hawkins

    Hopefully it will end with the sack !

  • Laurent Robert 32

    The sooner he is gone the better.


    Pardew is probably the worst manager we have had in our recent history (and this includes Ruud Gullit). He was never qualified for the job nor was he needed (a glorified league one manager), Chris Hughton was a good solid professional manager who got us promoted in style and had a good crack at managing Newcastle in the Prem (beating Villa 6-0 and the Mackems 5-1. The reason he was sacked is beyond me, a few bad results? He had us a solid mid table place after playing a lot of the difficult teams in the league. Pardew with more time, money and arguably easier games ending up taking us to a lower position than he started.

    Why did Pardew get the job and Hughton sacked? Apparently because Pardew was a big time gambler at Ashleys casino with Lambias and buddied up and decided he wanted his mate as manager and a few bad games helped make this a reality. This was the start of Ashley hiring clueless clowns intent with destroying the club (Pardew, Lambias, Wise and Kinnear). Less than 6% of 40’00 fans wanted Pardew as a manager, people who have known the club; its history, culture, traditions, players and league more than the so called fat cat chairman.

    The one saving grace was that Graham Carr was such an excellent scout and found some brilliant signings, which Pardew took the credit for, and played so well that they overachieved and somehow made Pardew look a like a half decent manager. Although a few signings have papered over the cracks the decisions of Pardew to sell some great clubs players such as Carroll, Barton, Enrique, Nolan, Forster, Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Ba, Debuchy, Yanga-Mbiwa without adequately reinvesting the money in quality players. Pardew and have Ashley have both said that they didn’t want certain players to go and blamed the players which is clearly not true, they would rather have the money in the back pockets. I’d argue with still haven’t seen all the money raked in over the summer of 2011 and still haven’t seen the passion that players like Nolan, Carroll and Barton (the three best players) took when they left the club. I will not even go into the fiasco regarding Kinnear and his lack of knowledge of his own clubs squad and promise to bring in new players (his only job) and him falling shorter than an adolescent dwarf bringing in ONE loan signing into a depleted squad. What we have lacked in recent years in depth and quality in depth but in but more recent years we are struggling for quality in the first team.

    But we came 5th under Pardew? Yes and we were lucky too, a defence designed by Chris Hughton, and strikers hand picked by Graham Carr, we struggled to win any game but we did down to individual brilliance, clinical finishing and gritty defending. Pardews tactics restricted the team if anything now with less able players (due to his decision to sell the best ones) his true managerial prowess has once more revealed itself.

    This season Pardew decided to go for the time honoured tradition of quantity over quality, bringing a lot of average players with no premier league experience (except for coulbeck) and throwing them in the deep end putting them all in the first team together.

    The amount of big games and big defeats we have suffered under Pardew is little less than a joke, it is embarrassing and the way he conducts himself and his laissez faire attitude in trying to appease the fans by saying what he thinks we want to hear instead of proactively doing something about the fans grievances. He has shamed our touchline with his childish and petulant antics yet when speaks to the media he is so laid back and lacking in passion about the club it is truly mystifying. Everyone laughs at the negative records that David Moyes broke but Alan Pardew has broke just as many. He isn’t a good manager and never has been, doesn’t get results, doesn’t get performances, he is the pinnacle of unbearable and unprofessional.

    Ashley has never had the best interests of the club or fans, he has merely had the best interest in his wallet, treating our club like a fifa ultimate team, a footballing stock market, buying entities at low value and flipping it for a higher value, brining his Delboy ways to the North East.

    How Pardew is the 2nd longest serving manager in the premiership is little more than a sick joke. The laziness and poor attitude of Ashely not to sack one of the poorest managers in premier league history is beyond a joke, Newcastle have a proud history under Sir Bobby and King Kev and other managers we have challenged top four and played in Europe with a lot less resources than the other teams around us. They showed passion not pointless touchline antics, insufferable arrogance or patronising attitude to the grievances and concerns of the fans. You would do well to find a person in football with a good thing to say about him especially with people he’s worked with (ex players and ex staff).

    I understand that the club has sometimes sacked managers prematurely or undeservedly but thats what got Pardew the job, but now its neither premature or undeserved its been coming since he got the job. There is no point in managerial stability unless the manager is performing well and has the potential and ability to perform well in the future and he does not. Probably the most disgusting thing is that he was given a stupidly long contract to fill his back pockets, making us stuck with him for a long time because Ashley is too tight to pay up his contract. He did not deserve a longer contract all this has done is tie Ashleys hand, if only Pardew was sacked when he physically assaulted a player for gross misconduct so we could bypass his payout.

    Our form this season and that of second half of last season has to be the final straw, 15 lost out of 21 last season, 0 won this season and propping up the table. We have the worst form and record in the football league of late. What is worrying is we’ve only played one top side. Pardew has a 35% rate, that is that stat you would associate with a team who are being relegated and its not good enough. We don’t look safe at home, we barely look like scoring and we always look like conceding, all I can say is thank god for Tim Krul. We do not look like scoring because he has nullified or got rid of our attacking players and castrated their flare so they are to buys concerned in how not to lose they don’t know how to win. The best way to win is score more goals than the opponent which Sir Bobby and King Kev did and that is why they were so successful. Whats worse is that we concentrate how not to concede goals we still seem to do it seamlessly leaking goals left right and centre.

    We have become a feeder club, a selling club and although Pardew may claim he’s nothing to do with this then he is enabling Ashley by not fighting for the club and fans. If any of our players start to perform well then its guaranteed that Pardew and Ashley will cash in. He seems content in us being a second class club and that we can’t do anything against big clubs, well how about we try and compete with big clubs instead of letting them walk all over us.

    The players and fans don’t have confidence in the manager and they certainly don’t with this chairmen, the worst run and managed club in premier league history.

    The whole footballing community are wondering why is he still here? And everyone knows we will go down with him steering us straight to the championship and taking no responsibility for it.

    We will soon be over taken as the top dogs in the North East. Pardew has lost as many derbies as the last 22 COMBINED.

    His ego is unbelievably the fact that he apparently refers to himself as the king speaks volumes, he may well be the king, the king of contradiction the king of ruining and destabilising football clubs. Due to the fact he constantly lies to the fans, says one thing and does another, continuously dragging our club down so we have a worse season than the one before.

    Our squad, manager and chairmen are lacking in quality, experience, passion and belief. I feel sorry for the new players who have come to play football and have walked into the atmosphere Pardew has created. It seems to me every other club is progressing and we are just getting worse and its catching up on us and now the times to act.

    He has undoubtedly shown himself to be a masterclass in failure and underachieving.

    It is time for Pardew to go, well he shouldn’t of got the job in the first place and should of been sacked numerous times since, a dozen or so times in the last two years but get rid now, there are so many better managers out there to look at and try and tempt to revitalise such a prestigious club.

    Ashley is the cancer of the club while Pardew is a tumour that needs to be removed.