Hull City (h) Protest – First Post-Match Statement

Sack Pardew

Firstly, and most importantly, thank you to all the supporters who backed our campaign before and during the match with Hull City yesterday.

Prior to kick-off our group of volunteers distributed more than 20,000 flyers and over 100 banners, with many people who wanted the latter turned away as we did not have enough to meet demand. The support we received before the game has left us in no doubt that a majority of fans share our view that Alan Pardew is not fit to manage Newcastle United, with the response in our multiple locations almost entirely positive.

We would also like to thank Britannia Banners of Wallsend for their exceptionally hard work, the proprietors of the pubs that allowed us to display and distribute our material, the Newcastle fans at PrintNE for their incredible generosity and the media outlets who have allowed us to shine a spotlight on Pardew’s disgraceful performance since the summer of 2012. We have noticed a sea-change in the tone of discussion about Newcastle United in the media in the two weeks since our website was created, with far more focus on the manager and his record now apparent. As this was our primary aim when we started, we are delighted to have had such an influence in such a short space of time.

Regretfully, the vote of no confidence in the manager was not as visible as we had hoped within the stadium. Despite the club’s prior assertion that non-offensive protest material is allowed into the ground, a vastly increased number of stewards were confiscating banners and flyers on turnstiles and placing them into black bags, many of which were full to bursting by kick off. Stewards were also seen to remove material within the stadium itself. We were nevertheless extremely pleased to see many fans who did manage to get banners and flyers into the ground stand with us and demand change, and we hope these fans will stand with us again soon.

We are also well aware that there are a large number of supporters who do not wish to protest in any form within St. James’ Park. That is their prerogative, however with the team currently bottom of the Premier League and one of only three in the division who have failed to win a single game, we are more certain than ever that Alan Pardew’s continued employment is a serious danger to both the short and long term future of Newcastle United Football Club. Therefore we will not stop until either this employment has been terminated, or until Pardew gives the club a chance to remain in the top flight by offering his resignation. To this end, we will continue undeterred in our efforts, invigorated by the fantastic local, national and international support we have been given to date.

A more comprehensive response to Saturday will be released in due course, after we have made contact with the club, local council and Northumbria Police.