Stevenage 3 – 1 Newcastle

08/12/11 – FA Cup 3rd Round


Match Report

“For Newcastle, this was an evening of unremitting misery. Alan Pardew stood where Dalglish had watched from all those winters ago — and his discomfort proved to be even worse”.

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Source: Daily Mail


Manager Comment

“There’s a few in there that need to understand what this game’s about. The Premier League is all well and good but a few young boys got caught out tonight by the passion and the physical side of Stevenage”.



Damning Statistic

“Alan Pardew’s team became only the fourth top-flight team since the formation of the Premier League to lose to fourth-tier opposition after Everton, West Ham and Fulham”.

Source: BBC

  • Laurent Robert 32

    Pardew’s lower league level, and he can’t even manage a higher division team to beat them.

    Get out, Alan. A storm is coming…

  • D8

    At least Dalglish won a replay or something after trying to get the match moved lol, not that it stopped him being sacked within months – but was that the right choice? Would we have won things with the man who had won things? We’ll never know now after mob-rule ran the day.