Two Years And Counting…

Newcastle’s current run of form since Boxing Day 2013 is shameful. That is well established. We’ve all seen the damning statistics covering this period alone and it is a very easy record to refer to given just how awful it is and that it is currently ongoing.  Yet I feel that focusing on this particular 10 month period is actually giving Alan Pardew too much credit. It has almost become accepted fact that he was doing an adequate job up until late December 2013. This is very far from the truth.


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Stoke City (a) – 29th September 2014


The success of the Hull protest continued as several volunteers embarked upon the 7 hour round trip to the Britannia to make our presence felt.  To Stoke City’s great credit, they allowed us to peacefully speak our minds and bring various forms of material into the stadium to display.

–   A3 Sack Pardew leaflets handed out before the game, in and around the ground
–   Sack Pardew banners displayed throughout the game
–   Pardew “Hopeless” banner visible throughout
–   Large display of Sack Pardew material


Screenshot 2014-10-06 at 19.42.49

The accommodating nature of the steward/police at the ground meant that we had a visually striking representation, with many fans joining in. The media picked up on the discontentment in the stands, further scrutinising Pardew’s continued tenure.

We sent this letter to Stoke City to thank them for their assistance.

Post game press coverage:

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Swansea City (a) – 4th October 2014

SWANSEA CITY vs NEWCASTLE UNITED 29/09/2014 embarked on one of the UK’s longest footballing journeys as our volunteers made their way to the Liberty Stadium in Swansea to support the team and continue to highlight the deficiencies of the manager. Befitting their reputation as one of the best run clubs in the Premier League, Swansea City were extremely helpful and accommodating of our protest.

–   A3 Sack Pardew leaflets handed out before the game
–   Sack Pardew banners and leaflets displayed throughout the game
–   Pardew “Hopeless” banner prominently displayed
–   Worldwide coverage of our latest ‘Welsh town’ banner, showing the club’s dismal run of form (thanks to @NobbyNolano for the inspiration)


Screenshot 2014-10-06 at 20.06.19

Swansea City and the local police helped to ensure that our banners got the widest possible coverage on television and in the media. Again, our protest was kept peaceful and wide coverage has enabled us to maintain a necessary publicity of the club’s current plight, as we threaten to become cut adrift in the relegation zone unless action is taken.

Post match coverage: Daily Mail

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Southampton (a) – 13th September 2014


A week after launching our website, our large SackPardew banners made their first appearance on a matchday, as Newcastle were yet again humiliated under Pardew at St Mary’s.


Screenshot 2014-10-06 at 20.10.25

Prior to the game, several of our volunteers were verbally abused and threatened by Newcastle United assistant manager John Carver, our response to which can be found here.

Post match media coverage from Mail Online, the most widely read English language online newspaper in the world.

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Hull City (h) – 20th September 2014


Our second matchday campaign targeted the Hull City fixture as an opportunity for fans to voice their displeasure at the continued employment of Alan Pardew.

We created a lot of publicity in the week leading up to the game, including an interview on TalkSport:

For the game itself, we secured:

–   30,000 Sack Pardew A4 Leaflets
–   105 banners
–   A van emblazoned with Sack Pardew banners to drive in close proximity to SJP, and the city centre
–   Distribution points in 10 city centre establishments
–   4 promotional staff to aid in leaflet circulation



Screenshot 2014-10-06 at 19.48.27

Screenshot 2014-10-06 at 19.59.59

Screenshot 2014-10-06 at 19.47.51

Our volunteers were in the city centre from 11 am, working hard to ensure that protest material was available to anyone who wished to take part.  The support that we received was overwhelming and the protest took place without any related trouble as confirmed by Northumbria Police.

Newcastle United made a very heavy-handed effort to quell protest within the ground, our response to which can be found here.

Pre Game Press Coverage:

Daily Mail

Post Game Press Coverage:

Daily Mail

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