Check, Mate!

The disgruntled pawns watch their Black and Whites as the Bishop makes PR moves to protect the retreating “King”


In the last month and a half, media attention has become focused on Alan Pardew after a horrendous run of performances and results have been highlighted by the Newcastle United support. Statistics, quotes and dispelled myths, all highlighted via our campaign, have made the sporting world sit up and listen to the concerns of the Newcastle United fan base.


Since the game at home to Hull, numerous fans at numerous fixtures have been seen to hold up SackPardew banners and vocally show their discontent at not only the self-proclaimed “King” Alan Pardew, but the man playing with the chess-pieces. This very same man; is the man who has made a diagonal move with his Bishop to protect his “King”.


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His best players are sold behind his back

Closely linked with the myth that Pardew’s hands are tied is the myth that Newcastle United players are sold behind his back. That he has no say, that it’s all Ashley’s doing and that it’s all against Pardew’s will…

Despite this point being made frequently by other fans, journalists, pundits and even our own supporters to the point of it being accepted as the gospel truth, what rarely gets questioned is the fact that prior to players being sold, Pardew spends a great deal of time talking to the media and telling us – with or without prompts – that we are “vulnerable” to bids from financial juggernauts such as PSG and Manchester City, to the notoriously penniless Everton. Indeed, Pardew has done this on so many occasions that it is no longer an admission of vulnerability, but an invitation akin to walking down a dark alley in the wrong part of town at night, money in hand, bellowing “I hope I don’t get mugged!”

Staggeringly, on one occasion it was Pardew himself that announced to the media that Demba Ba’s contract clause, that everyone believed would end in summer 2012, would actually also be open in the January 2013 transfer window.

Does that really sound like something that someone who wants to keep their best players would say? Or does that sound more like someone with an ulterior motive?

Pardew has become very accomplished at running with the fox and hunting with the hounds. That is, in advertising players and inviting bids for Newcastle United players in the press, then bemoaning the loss of those very same players once they’ve been sold.

If you’re still unconvinced, here are just some of the quotes from the man himself:



Demba Ba

Pardew mentions the clause:

“It’s unfortunate that the contract he has leaves open a lot of questions because we have this clause and every window that comes around, I have to answer the same questions.

“It would be disappointing for him to leave in this window for this club and for his team-mates here, but the decision will be his, ultimately, because that clause is there.”

Source: Sky Sports


Pardew mentions the contract:

“The contract is what it is, we are all aware of that, and for me as the manager I need it resolved as quickly as possible. That’s the best situation for our fans and for the club.”

Source: BBC


Pardew mentions the clause again:

“It’s out of my hands and it’s out of the club’s hands to a degree.

“We have tried to remove the clause but without success.

“It’s still there but Demba’s still our player and it’s still going to take a lot for him to leave.”

Source: Evening Chronicle


Pardew mentions, yes, the clause:

“The situation with him (Demba Ba) is ongoing in terms of his contract, as there is that clause in there and it makes us vulnerable. It is still open, the clause, in the next transfer window.”

Source: Daily Mail


Pardew created the clause issue:

“Boss Alan Pardew will not want to lose Ba but is realistic enough to know that his departure is a possibility. He admitted back in September – unprompted – that a release clause was still in the striker’s contract and that Newcastle are ‘vulnerable’ to predatory clubs. ‘There is that clause in his contract and it makes us vulnerable. It’s still open in the next window,’ he had said.”

Source: The Journal



Yohan Cabaye

Pardew tells us he wouldn’t be able to stop Cabaye going to Manchester United:

“But if Yohan Cabaye gets a call from Manchester United and they tell him he is going to be the next Paul Scholes, I am not going to be able to stop him.”

Source: SkySports


Pardew tells us that we’re vulnerable to bids for everyone, by everyone. Especially from Barcelona for Cabaye, which he leaked himself:

“We like to think we can deal with stories like that with all our players, Cisse, Ba, Tiote, Krul, Colo. We have some great players here and the type of club we are, when we are not in the higher reaches of European football, we have not got that finance. So our players are going to be linked with other clubs, it is flattering to us and to Cabaye to be linked with Barcelona.”

“He added with a smile: ‘I probably leaked it myself.'”

Source: Independent


Pardew tells us that a very wealthy and powerful club are interested in Cabaye:

“We know we have got a club interested in Cabaye, a very wealthy club and a powerful club, and we are conscious of that. We are doing our best to protect Newcastle.”

Source: SkySports


Pardew tells us that he’s sure that a lot of big clubs would be interested in him:

“He is under contract with us and of course, that is where his future lies until such time as we say his future does not lie here. So in some ways, it is not cut and dried in any shape or form.

“But I don’t want that to appear as a negative for Yohan because it is a World Cup year for him and I think we are all aware there will be a lot of eyes on him between now and the end of June. There are a lot of big clubs who would be interested in him, I’m sure.”

Source: The Journal


Pardew tells us that he wants to keep him… but if there’s a bid we’ll react to it… but there have been no bids:

“‘For me, of course I want to keep him. If one of the big clubs comes with a massive offer we will have to react to that. As it stands at the moment there have still been no offers. He remains our player and myself and the fans would love to see him stay come September 2, and still be in a black and white shirt.”

Source: Metro


Pardew tells us that receiving a late bid is “a worry” but we’ve had no other bids:

“It’s a worry [receiving a late bid],” he told BBC Sport. “We’ve marked his agent’s card that he needs to do his business early. If there is a bid to come, then let us know. We’ve had no other bids yet otherwise we won’t be able to replace him and we won’t sell then.”

Source: BBC


Pardew tells us that there’s no bid for him:

“He’s focused very much on us. There’s no bid for him as we speak now. Until such time as there is, he is a Newcastle United player. Yohan’s a total, 100 per cent professional. Anything else, all the speculation, will go on. It’ll always go on around quality players like him, like with (Wayne) Rooney and (Cristiano) Ronaldo. It’s part and parcel of being a big player.”




Cheick Tiote

Pardew tells us that we have players that top clubs would be interested in, players like Cheick Tiote:

“He’s a big target because he’s a great player, and great players are going to be targets. We are always on our guard with Cheik [sic] because we realise that to us, he is very, very important and it would be very, very difficult to get him out of here. You never know with the window. It’s such a minefield of possibilities. We have one or two players here that top clubs, I’m sure, will be interested in, but the one thing I would say on that is that they are going to have to pay a lot of money to take anybody out of here because we are obviously in a good position, not just on the playing side, but financially as well.”

Source: The Guardian


Pardew hopes that there are no bids for Cheick Tiote in 18 months time and that Newcastle United can’t keep players like Andy Carroll:

“I am hoping there are no bids, otherwise we will have a problem. Tiote is a very important player, very talented and someone we want to be a big part of our future.

“When I became manager, they [Ashley and Chairman Derek Llambias] made me aware that they wanted to get the club on a financial footing, which gives them a chance to build it.

“Signing young players and hoping they become successful in the Premier League is part of the policy of growing as a club.

“Now, ideally, you would like to keep someone like Andy Carroll, a young player who is from the area, but financially we could not keep him.

“But we like to think, certainly I have that ambition, that in two or three years’ time, if we can sustain our status and keep getting the TV money invested wisely, that we can hold off that next bid which might be for Cheick in 18 months’ time or so.

“We have to get ourselves in a position to do that because at the moment we’re not and we have to accept that.”



Pardew tells us that we’re competing on a lower level financially:

The £10m rated ball winner (Tiote) could move to Stamford Bridge as Essien’s replacement – a prospect the Magpies boss is dreading.

“We’re not a Liverpool or any of the clubs above them,” Pardew said. “We’re competing on a lower level.”




Hatem Ben Arfa

Pardew tells us that we’re vulnerable to bids for Ben Arfa from Everton – A team that spend even less than us, with more success:

“You look at Spurs, they’re going to sign Eriksson, another great player going in there, what are Arsenal going to do? What about Everton? Who’s to say that Fellaini goes and they come knocking on our door for Ben Arfa?”

Source: The Journal



Best Players

“The players have had a great campaign, so we’ve a job on to keep our best ones.”


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