Swansea City (a) – 4th October 2014


SackPardew.com embarked on one of the UK’s longest footballing journeys as our volunteers made their way to the Liberty Stadium in Swansea to support the team and continue to highlight the deficiencies of the manager. Befitting their reputation as one of the best run clubs in the Premier League, Swansea City were extremely helpful and accommodating of our protest.

–   A3 Sack Pardew leaflets handed out before the game
–   Sack Pardew banners and leaflets displayed throughout the game
–   Pardew “Hopeless” banner prominently displayed
–   Worldwide coverage of our latest ‘Welsh town’ banner, showing the club’s dismal run of form (thanks to @NobbyNolano for the inspiration)


Screenshot 2014-10-06 at 20.06.19

Swansea City and the local police helped to ensure that our banners got the widest possible coverage on television and in the media. Again, our protest was kept peaceful and wide coverage has enabled us to maintain a necessary publicity of the club’s current plight, as we threaten to become cut adrift in the relegation zone unless action is taken.

Post match coverage: Daily Mail

  • Laurent Robert 32

    Well done to everyone who is taking part and for sackpardew.com for helping to get the ‘movement’ up and running. It is a combined group action which will have the greatest effect. It is important to get all who share our views to take part and do something, as something is better than nothing.

    We are swimming against the dictatorship tide with the confiscation of banners at the ground, regular lies, fabricated statements and now PR ‘gurus’ to feed the media with illusions of stability.

    We have been hampered by his limitations as a man and manager for far too long, as well as those from his manipulative boss.

    Pardew out.