Given that this website is maintained by a large, anonymous group of like-minded NUFC fans it is understandable that some people would be suspicious of our intentions and the fact we launched with a “Donate” button.

We must first make it clear that there is absolutely no obligation to send money and that we will strive to be as self-sufficient as possible, with the £560.22 starting point coming out of our own pockets to get things underway.

Furthermore, in the future this post will outline exactly where the funds come from and where they go, showing all Paypal donations along with any fees incurred, plus invoices for all of the work that is undertaken when we launch our individual campaigns.

Money will specifically be spent on promotional material directly related to the primary goal of this website, which could include (but not be limited to) banners, billboards, flags leaflets and/or other methods of applying public pressure to Alan Pardew at and around Newcastle United matches. We will try to have as visible a presence as possible.

We are trying to add a more permanent and foolproof way of listing donations rather than using screenshots, perhaps in the vein of JustGiving, and will work with local businesses to get receipts while preserving our anonymity.

Nobody here will take a penny of any money raised.

As stated, anything left in the pot when our objective is achieved will be donated to various local charities and proof of that will be quickly forthcoming at the time too.

This post will also serve as a timeline of the projects undertaken by and its supporters going forward.


08/09/14 – Launch

Starting Funds: £560.22

*These were raised by the contributors behind, who numbered well over 100 at the outset.



Current Funds: £593.43

PayPal Transactions

*Starting funds plus three donations, with a further two waiting to be processed from last night.
**The £560.22 was transferred in chunks from one of our members’ personal accounts, due to PayPal limits.



Current Funds: £753.52

PayPal Transactions


Final accounts (January 2015)

Overview all Paypal transactions #1


**Thank you for all of the support, we hope you have been happy with our impact.
  • je2271

    I always find it difficult to back a campaign with anonymous founders, especially where, as in this case, there doesn’t seem to be any compelling reason for such anonymity. Always makes me suspect that there might be vested interests at play.

    Imagine how it would look if this very professional website turned out to have been set up by somebody at the club, or the local press. In the interests of transparency, you really ought to put your names behind this campaign.

    • Admin

      Above all else we feel that too many campaigns of a similar nature have been undermined in the past by ego and personality getting in the way, which has ultimately led to them being largely unsuccessful in terms of their original aims. We’ve tried to start with something realistic as a target, and genuinely the only interest we have is trying to unite as many Newcastle United supporters as possible under a common cause, though we appreciate that it will take time for this to be proven to be the case. A lot of us felt that it was either this or apathy and that it was probably time to try a different approach, hopefully in time you and others will see that our intentions are honest.

    • Sly Apple Pie

      I’m sure there are perfectly legitimate reasons for the people behind this wanting to remain anonymous; other ties to the club etc, potential legal issues, or simply not wanting to receive personal abuse from Pardew’s few remaining sympathisers. If you feel uncomfortable donating then you don’t need to, you can simply do what you will with the information the site is providing and move on.

      • Anthony Lines

        excellent campaign,and this will really hit home,just a shame its not on live tv,anon has been explained, no names as to give max publicity to sack pardew

  • Schumpeter1

    So you guys didn’t know this site is run by Pards himself? He just loves to see his face all over the place! This fundraiser (in addition to the new board at SJP) are financing the comeback of the legend JFK to the club after his new campaign at PSG recently ended (read: crisps).

  • Albert Stubbins

    Lol- worried about backing a campaign with anonymous founders??!! ffs it’s a campaign to get Pardew out not collecting funds to support terrorism!! £550 – what do you expect them to do with it- a bas%”rd holiday to center parks is nearly 2 grand for a week- give your head a shake man!!

  • Steve

    People DO NOT have to donate! As a Toon fan I’m more than satisfied that the people behind this clearly have no agenda other than to get Pardew out of our club, something we should all be voicing on a match day. Of course it would be interesting to know who is behind it, but is it that important?! No! Since Ashley took over the fans have become almost scared to voice complaint. This is our club, not theirs. Pardew should be hounded out of Toon, and then Ashley and co. Big Sam, Roeder, Souness, they did far less damage to the club that Pardew has done, yet they got dogs abuse on the stands, on message boards and even outside the stadium. I’m actually a tad ashamed fans have to go to this length to get the message across. A message that surely cannot now be denied or argued against?! Its there in plain black and white. Anyone who defends Pardew or still wants him to manage this great club of ours is an idiot. I’m all for opinions, but as this site so finely illustrates, the fraudster has no place managing this club. I wouldn’t let him manage a pub side even! Sack Pardew indeed!

  • Mark Roberts

    I love this site and and I’ve just had tears of laughter running down my cheeks as I look back on all the classic pardewism’s he’s let slip over the years.

    I’ve donated and feel enlightened…if ever there was a good cause it’s this one…the whole atmosphere in the toon will be lifted as he gets on the train back to London to sit in his all to familiar chair in lambias’ casino where he was offered the job in the first place so to pay back his gambling debts (allegedly!)

    His biggest debt is the disaster he’s left behind him…he’s indebted to whole Geordie community for what he’s done to our club and as far as I’m concerned the sooner he goes the better…even if Pulis does replace him

  • Jarramag

    The people behind this campaign are from the USA and since i have donated i have not got a problem with this.Keep going lads and get this tosser Pardew out.KTF

    • SackPardew

      We would just like to confirm that we are not from the USA. The core group responsible for the conception, creation and maintenance of are from Newcastle and North Tyneside, though we do have major contributors spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The confusion here stems from the fact our domain name was registered through a US-based company.

  • emma

    i just donated three pounds know its not a lot but everything helps