Southampton 4 – 0 Newcastle

13/09/14 – Premier League


Match Report

“Newcastle fans had demanded signs of change; they were given a new low. After a startlingly rotten performance at St Mary’s, Newcastle lie bottom of the Premier League and patience with Alan Pardew seems close to expiring.”

Source: The Guardian


Manager Comment

“We didn’t have long to prepare with the international breaks but there’s no excuse really, we should have been better.”

Source: Sky Sports


Damning Statistic

This made it 8 games out of the last 19 that Newcastle had lost either 3-0 or 4-0 (42%).

Source: x2

  • Laurent Robert 32

    His abysmal record rolls on, yet some fans still sit in silence and let it happen. Some deluded onlookers even defend the indefensible and regurgitate Pardew’s propaganda and lies. Mind boggling, simply mind boggling.

    ‘Support’ for the club comes in more ways than just happy clapping for the ‘good intentions’ of the team to get a measly three points when Pardew is losing points by the bucket full. Do you also put your milk in a broken fridge and expect it to be cold? No, you change the fridge. If you don’t, the milk sours, just like out team’s performances and results.

    He was not good enough for this club to start with and these rolling diabolical records and touchline antics which continue to mount up show that he is still no longer suited to represent our great club. His hot air hype and bar-lowering capabilities are extraordinary.

    He’s the luckiest conman alive.

    Pardew out, Ashley out.

  • Jack Howley

    Come on lads, lets face it Southampton are a top quality side, small clubs like you shouldn’t be expecting to beat them

  • Jack Howley

    Newcastle are a big team get him out and get Lambert in #PardewOut