General Incompetence

Alan Pardew’s record at St James’ Park for PL goals scored vs. conceded: 114-104 (for comparison: Keegan’s first stint: 165-55). Pardew’s away goals scored/conceded: 84-134.

Source: Historic NUFC results


Alan Pardew has failed to win 114 out of the 186 games he has been manager at Newcastle United.

Source: Historic NUFC results



Source: Historic NUFC results


Alan Pardew’s point per game for Newcastle United in the Premier League stands at a very mediocre 1.34, compared to Keegan’s 1.76, Robson’s 1.60, Roeder’s 1.40 or even Dalglish’s 1.36. Looking at the last two seasons and a bit, this figure drops to a very meagre 1.20, below Allardyce’s 1.24 and only just above Souness’ 1.16.

Source: Historic NUFC results


Alan Pardew’s NUFC record vs Premier League (fellow) top 10 teams in last 2 (full) seasons: P38 W 7 D 6 L 25 (27 points from a possible 114).

Source: Historic NUFC results


No Premier League club suffered more home defeats in 2012-13 than NUFC under Alan Pardew.


  • Laurent Robert 32

    Inverted genius.

  • lameduck

    Pardew sets up the team, and trains them, like a netball match, with 3 very distinct areas of play – defence, midfield and attack.. He chastises those who dare to stray into other areas and can actually be seen during matches screaming at players to remain in ‘their 3rd’. All that happens is that we are left with huge gaps between the 3, no fluidity and it’s all too easy for opposing teams to outnumber us.

    • D8

      But you haven’t convinced me!

  • Corran Horn

    What really annoys me, and it’s become a standing joke at games amongst the guys I go with, is his insistence in playing one up front when were at home. it’s so negative and setting up not to lose instead of setting up to win, so we normally get beat.

    • D8

      We’ve been here before, fans wanted attacking football and demanded Dalglish sacked, and after a decent year he went at totally the wrong time to be replaced by the disaster of Gullitt. I’m not saying don’t sack Pardew, but at least let the season get going, otherwise you kind of sound like haters really.

    • David

      Playing two up front is increasingly rare these days, but our problem is the lack of support for our frontman. We play one dimensional football, and often look short of ideas and just throw the ball into the box aimlessly. It’s almost like Pardew is saying “just keep putting it in there we’ll score eventually!”

  • Jack Howley

    You guys knows nothing, Pardew is a class manager. The best you will ever have, just face it you’re a small club, staying up is the best you can hope for.

  • Jo Jo LeDogg

    I’m sorry for NUFC, Pardew is not a very good manager. His record is very poor. At West Ham we campaigned to get him out and at most of his previous clubs the fans have tried to get him sacked because of his poor performance. He may be OK in the lower leagues but he is not Premier League management material.

  • Andrew Curtis

    I am probably in the minority of people who think Pardew seems okay as a bloke – the thing at Hull was silly, but let’s not forget Meyler’s part in it (and you guys won 1-4) – but useless as a manager (despite the 1-4 win). I’m a Spurs fan and am used to spending half of each season in despair, so I sympathise totally with Newcastle’s fans. We were in a similar position (table-wise) when Harry took over, and I wasn’t in the least happy with his appointment, but fortunately things worked out. Our problem was a lack of stability – it seems that your problem is TOO MUCH stability: a terrible manager for too long. I hope this site – a breath of fresh air in these illiterate times – does its job and you get back to being everyone’s ‘other’ team. (A couple of asides: from a statistical point of view, looking at wins, Tim Sherwood is our most successful manager since 1899. And I could come up with a much worse Dark Days page for Spurs – and it would cover a shorter time period.) Anyway, good luck, guys. (Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble, but I’m typing it quickly during lunchtime at work.)