Dispelling the tenuous misconceptions propagated by those who believe Alan Pardew isn’t a bad manager.

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  • daztoonarmy

    daz-toon-army one of the biggest myths in football is that youve got to spend money to win things when you have the likes of swansea and wigan winning things and not spending fortunes but a manager should have full control over what players he wants to sighn not a director of football if thats the case shouldnt the director get sacked when it goes wrong

  • daztoonarmy

    where has the passion gone from our football club it dosent exist anymore at newcastle and it dosent take a genious to see why when the board are picking the players to bring in thats why keegan left because its the manager that pays the price when those players dont work out but pardew should at least get them working to a system that gets the best out of them he knew the setup at newcastle some of the excuses like we havent got the funds that the so called big clubs have got is rubbish eg, wigan and swansea are they bigger than newcastle i think not

  • D8

    Although I can see where you are coming from to some extent, I don’y see the point in simply sacking Pardew so soon into the season. I’ve seen so many NUFC managerial sackings, and I just think that due to understandable frustration, NUFC fans tend to go down the path of imagining that managerial sackings are automatically a positive step. But who would replace Pardew? There is a real chance we’d just collapse into relegation without him.

    I’m still convinced that Dalglish was foolishly sacked due to a desire for buccaneering football, and looking back on it, he was one of the managers who might have won something for us, just something, even if a League Cup. But it’s never been, not even with Robson.

  • Ben Sisko

    The only way you supporters are going to force change is by not buying tickets and merchandise.

    • MonkseatonMag

      This is true – but try to convince the 50,000 Wonga wearing sheep. I accept they have season tickets, but why are they still buying them?

      I saw through Ashley in 2008 when KK walked, and gave up my season ticket of many years. Yet 50,000 STILL turn up to watch rubbish and swell Ashley’s bank account. Can someone please explain why?

  • Rex AK

    He has done wonders?
    Pardew has nothing to do with those points?

    Uh.. okay. Let’s see here.
    A) The man is an employee and he’s doing what he’s being told. Okay. The question is did he? Did fat Ashley actually asked Pardew to lost?
    I guess not. Being a businessman, I believe Ashley asking the opposite because he’s expecting a raise in merchandise sold when NUFC win.
    So no, he’s not doing what he’s being told.

    B) Those 4 points which you said about Pardew has nothing to do? Well actually he had LOTS to do with that! Humiliating loss to Sunderland – well, he’s the manager ffs!
    We aren’t in top 5 – Of course! How can you be in top 5 if you never win?
    Our club being run as business model for Ashley to gain more money – well I believe most of football club owners in the world doing this. Even Real Madrid with their spending spree still expecting return by doing that. Even Stoke City is above us while they spent a lot less! (See here :
    We cannot attract decent players? Hey, De Jong is here. Cabella is here. Janmaat is here. Those are players that big clubs after for their signature!

    So yes. I’m not supporting Ashley but certainly 100% on sacking Pardew here.
    And if you’re saying it’s too soon to sack him because the season just started, doh, it’s not like he’s on his first season here! He’s been here longer than that for us to see what he’s capable of..

    In far more realistic terms, Pardew has done sh*te.

  • Dave R

    Now when has Pardew ever shown himself to be a good manager, good manager make a mistake & learn from it, Pardew does not just make the same mistake week in week out he does it season after season Dave M you seen to be living in an alternate reality.

  • Bob Swinhoe

    The really worrying thing is that we have (apart from 1 game v Man City) played all the weaker teams in the league. We still have 2 v Chelsea, 2 v Arsenal, 2 v Liverpool, 2 v Spurs etc. It is also a fact that the clubs which acted fast last season and changed managers early ie Sunderland, Palace etc stayed up and the clubs which panicked near the end of the season Cardiff, Norwich etc went down!

  • MonkseatonMag

    Please give facts to substantiate that Pardew is a “good manager” He’s been sacked from every managerial position he’s had!

    He has no plan ‘B’ – His plan ‘A’ is not exactly terrific either!

  • Stevenagefan

    As a football fan but a neutral in this discussion I think the most important observation is that Newcastle do not play with any passion under Pardew.
    Newcastle teams usually play with such verve under previous managers….this has all gone.
    Who is to blame?
    1. Pardew…..he has lost the dressing room
    2. Newcastle need more local players