We don’t like him because he’s from the South

The irony and hypocrisy in this suggestion seems to be lost on everyone that says it. However, to spell it out, suggesting that Geordies, an entire city of people, dislike a person because of an area that they’re from is in itself the same lazy stereotype that Geordies are being accused of.

Of course there are some vocal NUFC fans, just like some vocal people, who are vocal idiots. However, suggesting or flat out saying that this is limited to some or all NUFC fans, Geordies, or anyone else from any other region for that matter, is absolute nonsense.

It’s a risible, offensive suggestion and a complete myth. Even taking the accusation at face value and justifying it with a response, it’s an easy answer. Just ask Malcolm McDonald, Andy Cole, Les Ferdinand, Rob Lee, Warren Barton, Paul Goddard, or Gavin Peacock if we dislike people from the south.

Most notably, ask Chris Hughton, the man whose job Pardew stole to the absolute incredulity and outrage of Newcastle fans in 2010. Both are from the South. One loved. One hated. Myth.

  • Laurent Robert 32

    Tony Gale was a joke. Backing Pardunce in his recent live broadcast yet throughout the game he was slating the team on all angles. The idiot didn’t click on that we are like that on a regular basis, disjointed, off-the-cuff and highly defensive.

    With such alarming regularity, plus the fact Pardew was sacked at his other clubs, Gale should use his brain, if there is one there, to realise that although the players can often put effort it, they are like headless chickens with no guidance from our severely lacking lower league manager who is way out of his depth to coach players brought up on technical football from a very early age.

    Oh, and he also head-butts players, pushes linesmen, insults championship winning managers, starts trouble on the side-lines and generally lies through his teeth on a daily basis.

    Pardew out.