Make up your mind, Alan!


Can’t Compete?


“Some of the other clubs have that ability to spend more than they earn and Manchester City have been able to break into the top four for that reason.They have a sovereign state ­backing them. We can’t ­compete with that. It is very difficult.”




“The financial goalposts have moved a little bit, probably, against us, but that does not mean to say we cannot compete and that is what I am determined to do.”

Source: Evening Chronicle


Realistic target?


“We have pitched in and signed players that we think give us a chance to push for Champions League.”

Source: Daily Mail



“I think our fans are realistic – they know the top six is beyond us.”

Source: Evening Chronicle



Too much Passion?


“It’s a passionate place… you just sense the passion, and you have got to love that.”

Source: The Mirror



“It’s a city that loves the club so much that it hurts itself, because of that love. If there was perhaps less pressure on our results, and the effect on the city, it would probably be a better club, but that’s what it is – it’s never going to change.”

Source: Evening Chronicle


Ninth or not?


“I don’t want to finish ninth in the Premier League.”

Source: The Telegraph



“The average for this club over the last 10 years is 48 points. If we get anything above that it will be a good season for us.”

Source: Evening Chronicle


European Aspirations?


“But we’ll be back – our aim is to qualify for Europe again next season.”

Source: The Metro



“Thank God we are not in the Europa League again.”


Scottish Power


“I think he (Fraser Forster) is coming back to a completely different level of football, I’ll tell you that now.

“We have watched that division and watched him all year.

“We’ve been disappointed with the quality of the games, other than the occasional Rangers versus Celtic game, and even some of those have been poor.”

Source: Daily Record



“That performance level was top drawer. With no disrespect to Motherwell, we made them look ordinary at times.”


  • Faustino1892

    Make your mind up, Alan!!

  • Laurent Robert 32

    I heard him say before the Liverpool home game that we were going for goals (more hype pre-match which gets forgotten about.)
    What does he do? Leaves Ben Arfa and Gouffran on the bench and packs the midfield with generally defensive minded players. We lose the game 0-6 in what was the most humiliating game I’ve been to.

    Jamie Carragher was actually having brief conversations with fans in the crowd in the Gallowgate towards the end WHILST THE GAME WAS IN PLAY it was that bad.

    Pardew out.