It’s never your fault…


Young Players


“There’s a few in there that need to understand what this game’s about. The Premier League is all well and good but a few young boys got caught out tonight by the passion and the physical side of Stevenage.”

Source: NUFC.com


Supportive Crowd


“We took the lead and if it wasn’t for exuberance at the end, trying to get a second and the crowd urging us on and all getting a little bit carried away, we would have a really big victory today.”

Source: NUFC.com


Sovereign States


“The problem is that where we are now financially means that we can never really fulfill the expectations of the fans. They have memories of European football but the gap is ­getting bigger as the years go by.

“It is becoming difficult to compete with the top clubs, but that is not to say we can’t compete at the level we are at, but we are always vulnerable to the bigger clubs as Andy Carroll’s move proved.

“That makes it very difficult to manage – but not impossible. Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias made it quite clear – the club to a certain extent needs to wipe its nose and therefore we haven’t got ­investment above our income. That is how Mike wants to run the football club.

“Some of the other clubs have that ability to spend more than they earn and Manchester City have been able to break into the top four for that reason. They have a sovereign state ­backing them. We can’t ­compete with that. It is very difficult.”

Source: NUFC.com


Heads Turned


“Have one or two of our heads got turned in terms of that dressing-room? Possibly.

“Probably the manager is the last to know. I’ve heard little bits of rumours here and there, a bit like the Press do, and I try to ignore it. Is it a factor? It probably is and it certainly has been for Wigan and Victor Moses and (Scott) Sinclair at Swansea. Absolutely.

Source: The Journal




“I have some sympathy for the players. They get people, agents who aren’t even their own, ringing them up and promising them the world. There are some terrible people in and around the game.

“If somebody says they can get a deal done which is going to double your money, it’s going to affect you.”

Source: NUFC.com


Club Size


“In a club of this size, and the expectation that we have at this football club on our strikers in particular, it is very difficult for them.”

Source: NUFC.com


Not Enough Fans


“In our stadium 30,000 doesn’t feel a lot so there was no electricity.”

Source: NUFC.com


Too Many Competitions


“Certainly we face a difficult season next year – We have the African Cup of Nations, the Olympics and Europa League.”

Source: NUFC.com


The Olympics


“I think it is quiet – whether we’re all enthralled by what’s happening with the Olympics I don’t know – I certainly am, it’s been fantastic…..we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe we should all concentrate a little bit more on the transfer market now.”

Source: NUFC.com


Notting Hill Carnival


“Today was a little bit unfair on us. We couldn’t move the game to Sunday because of the Notting Hill Carnival.”

Source: Evening Chronicle




“There is too much information going out of this training ground to the opposition and I am not going to have it any more. People are coming and looking through the fence and putting my team on the internet and giving it to the press. Therefore, what I have stopped is the real fans coming to get a view of us.”

Source: Evening Chronicle




“We kept getting promised that the decision was going to be overturned and that Senegal were going to let Papiss play, but we kept waiting and waiting and it was at about 1.40pm that we finally found out that wasn’t going to happen.

“It did affect our preparation. Him missing today was a blow to us. We didn’t feel we did anything wrong and he should have played.

“Of course it’s a concern, you don’t want to lose any home game and we have lost two on the trot. But when you have a difficult period like we are having, you need your senior players in and around you and we haven’t got them.”

Source: Sky Sports




“I think the formation thing is getting in the way of what we’ve got to do. That’s winning headers, running faster and showing a desire to win the game.”

Source: Evening Chronicle


Social Media


“The new medium of Facebooking and Twittering is accelerating the pressure on managers and players.”

Source: The Guardian


Squad Depth


“I’m a bit aggrieved I can’t put out a stronger team than that because there are young players who gave everything. Unfortunately they shouldn’t be playing for Newcastle in the third round, they should be in our development team.

“But that’s where we’re at. We didn’t have enough good players on the pitch.”

Source: NUFC.com


Negative Fans


“We had to take Cabaye off because of an injury, that brought negative reaction from the crowd and that spread around.”

Source: NUFC.com


Sunderland Catalogue


“I’m not making excuses for me or the team…
… they looked like a team who had worked all week on us and we looked like a team that had a really tough game on Thursday night.
… they had an energy level above us.
… a couple of wonder strikes
… we looked tired in the mind and tired in the body.
… if the linesman had given that (Papiss Cisse) goal
… Mapou and Cabaye, in particular, looked really tired.
… sometimes your levels are such that you just can’t match the opposition.
… I didn’t think he (Haidara) could get through that after Thursday’s match
… maybe if Tim (Krul) hadn’t got injured at that crucial point.”

Source: NUFC.com


Europa League


“There’s no doubt that our league position would be better than it is (without involvement in the Europa League).”

Source: NUFC.com


Europa League (Again)


“This was our 50th game. The Europa League, all the travelling involved, that’s tough.”

Source: The Express


Mike Ashley


“It’ll be uncomfortable for us both, because we’ve both underachieved. Him as an owner and me as a manager.

“We need to find out what the reasons were and then it’s for Mike, and hopefully with me, to decide how to go forward. We have underachieved as a club.”

Source: The Telegraph


Europa League (Yet Again)


“I genuinely think that without the Europa League our performances will be a lot stronger.”

Source: NUFC Blog


Small Players


“It’s all well and good saying that the set play problem is down to tactics, delivery, whatever. Ultimately you need (players of) six-foot four (inches) to go and head it in, or at least make first contact.”

Source: NUFC.co.uk


Grass Length


“The grass was a bit long for our liking”

Source: NUFC.com


Arsenal’s Bid


“You prepare for three days with a player of that talent and that was taken away from us. It had a huge bearing on the result as well.

“Why (Arsenal) couldn’t do us the respect and the honour of waiting until Tuesday evening is beyond me. It is pretty obvious that I am upset about it.”

Source: NUFC.com




“When you are a manager of Newcastle, and you talk about the Europa League and injuries, it sounds like rotten excuses.”

Source: NUFC.com


Foreign Players


One issue is that we’re going to need to look at British players quickly because we’re starting to get filled up with perhaps too many foreign players.

Source: The Mirror


Passionate Fans


“It’s a city that loves the club so much that it hurts itself, because of that love. If there was perhaps less pressure on our results, and the effect on the city, it would probably be a better club, but that’s what it is – it’s never going to change.”

Source: Evening Chronicle


The Officials


“Unfortunately for us, we didn’t get the second goal and the referee has played a part in this defeat because that was definitely not a free-kick in my opinion (when Cheick Tiote “fouled” Fletcher).”

Source: The Mirror


Europa League (Yes, Again)


“The Europa League is a massive problem to Premier League teams. We want to be back in Europe but I think clubs are thinking twice.

“The Premier League need to look at it – the evidence is there that the Thursday to Sunday is not fair.”

Source: Sky Sports


Not Enough Fans (Again)


“The first half was difficult because there wasn’t 50,000 in here to assess, I thought we played quite well.”

Source: Evening Chronicle




“We don’t seem to be able to get through this tie (round). For the last three years I don’t know, it’s science against me.”

Source: NUFC.com


Europa League (Still)


“I have sympathy for André [manager of fifth placed Tottenham]. It’s not surprising that the managers of teams in the Europa League from the Premier League and the Championship have all got sacked this season.”

Source: The Guardian


46 Points


“It’s difficult when you have 46 points on the board.”

Source: The Journal


League Position


“It was a big game for Southampton to jump above us and we need to get that motivation level back.”

Source: The Journal




“The most important thing for us is history is heavy on us.

“What Bobby Robson did here and that great side, we have to live up to those expectations. The financial goalposts have moved a little bit, probably, against us, but that does not mean to say we cannot compete and that is what I am determined to do.”

Source: Chronicle


Touchline ban


“We had the numbers back to deal with it, we just didn’t concentrate and I think that is one of those situations that, if I had been on the touchline, I could have influenced that situation.

“I’m looking forward to getting back on to the touchline against Arsenal for sure.”

Source: Chronicle




“That is difficult with the finances that we have, but we have got the chance in the summer to hopefully to bring in some quality players and try to get into the top five or six.”

Source: NUFC.com


The World Cup


“We were affected by the World Cup, there’s no doubt about that in my mind.”

Source: Evening Chronicle


Poor Players


“The last two or three years in the Premier League we have lost key players like Remy and Yohan Cabaye, and the players who have come in just haven’t been able to carry the flag. That’s not to say that they are poor players, but we just needed a little bit more quality.”

Source: NUFC.com


Happy Fans


“Perhaps we got wrapped up in the crowd trying to get a fourth and it is frustrating to concede.

“Our fans went mad and we got dragged along a little bit with it.”

Source: The Mag




“We didn’t have long to prepare, with the internationals and that.”

Source: Sky Sports

  • Faustino1892

    Absolutely unreal amount of ghastly quotes from “The King” here, but I’ve checked all the links and they are all verifiable. Unbelieveable!
    Some of them I remember at the time but most of them I can’t recall. Don’t know what else to say really, I’m numb. I’ll be tweeting these out for sure.
    Get the word out, it’s time for action

  • Laurent Robert 32

    Seeing all these hideous excuses in one place compounds the misery which this conman is putting us through. Utter slime ball. He should never have been employed to start with. Pardew out.

  • Richard Coates

    This sites amazing can’t wait to send to the #pdl

  • Joe Hawkins

    When you see them written down like that you realize he is a lot more pathetic than you have given him credit for previously.
    I thought the one about the grass being too long was a bit of an Urban Myth but it is there in Black and White and dated ffs.
    The way he speaks and the words he uses displays a distinct lack of any kind of intelligence!

    • Laurent Robert 32

      The grass length came up after we were appalling against a lower league Rangers last year. I was standing in the front row and the pitch looked very nice. I even took a picture and my friend and I actually said to one another that we’d love to play on turf like that.
      Here is the pic of the so-called problematic grass which I took. Load of rubbish, Pardew.


      More excuses to cover the fact that a last minute Strolla goal pulled us level. Even that was from a school boy mistake from their defender.

      Pardew out.

      • Mike D

        The picture of the grass reminds me of that dream like scene in Gladiator. Thanks for sharing the link.

        The players should wear these flip flops around the house in preparation for future matches where the grass is a bit on the long side. Preparation, preparation, preparation.

        • Laurent Robert 32

          Haha. Yeah.
          You’d be expecting the Gladiator scene if Propaganda Pardew tries to leak it into the media like he did. However, as my personal camera shot shows, the wooden boy son of Geppetto is lying AGAIN, as well as using it as an excuse.

  • Malcolm Fisher

    Are these comments not the ones of a looney ???? is St.Margarets in Gosforth still open ???? Pards is a perfect canditate if it is

  • BenarfahalfwaywondergoalS

    How do you know when Pardew is lying? His lips are moving. Sums it up really. To the people involved with producing this site a hearty thank you from all Toon fans who have had enough. This slick and cleverly thought out site might be the tonic we need to galvanise the fans and help get rid of the plonker calling the shots. HTL.

  • robert shola clement

    You need to find the one where he blamed the most recent derby defeat …”maybe we was a bit too hyped up”