Misinformation, misunderstandings and dirty stinking fibs…

The Andy Carroll Fiasco


“Andy Carroll’s future was one of the items at the top of my agenda. He needs to stay. I have had reassurances about that, 100% he is staying here… I guarantee while I am here he will be here.”

Source: The Telegraph


“We have to have a big-club mentality and hold on to our best player.”

Source: The Telegraph


“I want Joey to stay… and that goes for all the other players, like Andy. They are not going. We want them to stay here, and that is something that we’re working towards.”

Source: Evening Chronicle


“In this window, Andy Carroll is definitely going nowhere. I don’t want anyone to go.”

Source: Daily Mail


“I told him, ‘It’s important you want to stay’. That was the case he put to me, and we’ll make sure he stays.”

Source: The Journal


“There’s a no sale on Andy Carroll, which is probably the biggest and best news we’re going to have during the window.”

Source: Daily Mail


“Tottenham are wasting their time (if they bid for Carroll).”

Source: Yahoo


“I have said all along that Andy Carroll will not be leaving this football club, 100%.”

Source: The Journal


“It’s ridiculous. How many times do I need to say he’s not for sale? Well here it is one more time, he’s not for sale.”

Source: The Journal


“The money will be Andy’s legacy to the team.”

Source: The Guardian


Signing Gabriel Obertan


“I mean, was Wayne gonna be a long term first team player for us? I don’t think he was.

“Because you have to sort of move on players to grow, and, you know, we have to get better than Wayne and that’s what we’re gonna aim to do.”

Source: NUFC Blog


The Crowd


“The fans were in great voice today, outstanding support we always get, we can’t take that for granted, we’ve got to give them hope and belief.”



Front Foot, Attacking Football


“I think there is only one way of winning fans over at Newcastle and that’s winning games. With a club of this size that’s what we should expect every week, to try and win the game. I have tried to approach the game in that manner. I have tried to be honest and open with the press and media so they know exactly what is going on, so there is no hidden agenda. Also I have tried to grow the club with the vision I have. My vision is simple; attacking football on the front foot, looking to win the game.”

Source: Football Fan Cast


Great Expectations


“I don’t want to dampen expectations and dampen the mood. I am not here for that. I want Newcastle fans to enjoy this and if they are dreaming of the Champions League, let them dream, it is fantastic, good luck to them.”



Hatem Ben Arfa


“I think there are not many players who can do what he (Ben Arfa) can do and it might be a nice wild card for France to have him in the squad. He really has knuckled down and there is a much more controlled person in his manner and the way he is around the training ground.

“I can say that publicly so it registers with the French manager. We’ve not had one issue with him but in the past in France there was some reputation that he was an enfant terrible but not here.”



Cups are not a Priority


“The second question to Mike after he’d told me (about the deal) was: ‘How am I going to win a trophy?’ Because that’s what I want to do here.

“I don’t want to be finishing seventh or eight every year, and he knows that. He knows what I am like.”

Source: Evening Chronicle


“Float it to Willo”


“We have changed our whole outlook on set plays just this week.

“We have had to change it once already this season because we are just not getting enough success.

“There is no point sitting on your hands and saying ‘oh well it will come good’. You have to make changes.”

Source: The Journal


Frozen Out


“I have never, ever isolated anyone at this football club, and I never will, so everyone has a chance.”

Source: Northern Echo


The Cardiff Walk-out


“I have to take my hat off to the players because the environment was very, very tough for them and they showed tremendous character.”

Source: BBC

06/05/14 (Vurnon Anita)

“The atmosphere wasn’t difficult for us, because we knew what we needed to do and just focused on that.

“I think the opposition was scared as well by all the noise, so it was OK for us.”

Source: Shields Gazette


Two went out and none came in


“We have to be careful, if one goes out then one needs to come in.”

Source: The Mag

  • Laurent Robert 32

    At the end of one game he said “The subs made an impact.”

    Now, if you hadn’t seen the game live it would have been very easy to believe him. With slimy Alan, you just can’t do that though. I watched the game and we had one solitary shot in the second half.

    Tell me, Alan, how did they make an impact if we only had one shot in the entire second half?

    He talks up performances to subtly mislead those casual fans or media pundits when they stumble across the reviews of the games and interviews. Some of us cannot be fooled. This great site is testament to that.

  • Simon Carter

    You guys are deluded. You think you are a bigger club than you actually are. Newcastle does not have a big club mentality cos if you did you wouldn’t have Pardew as your manager. Get a grip on reality. You are where you deserve to be.

    • Rhys Melhuish

      We aren’t the club we once were – there’s no question about that. But saying we deserve to be in this situation is pathetic. No club deserves to have a manager and owner that give no consideration whatsoever to a team’s image, success or fans. We’re not saying we should be making Champions League quarter finals every year. We’re saying that it’s not acceptable to be humiliated by teams of the same calibre (and sometimes less) as ourselves.

      • hongkongbaby

        I’m with Simon, and I’m a NUFC fan. The fault lies with the owner or at least the lack of investment. You can dump Pardew but who’s going to come in and alter things in any forceful manner with the squad (several exceptions excluded) woefully short on ability. Look at yesterday’s match (Hull City) – how many starters in the NUFC team do you think would be getting a game ahead of a Hull player?

    • G.Moisés

      Ignoring money, Newcastle are a top 6 club. Nothing delusional about that. Obviously, money means Chelsea and Man City are up there, but Newcastle are currently bottom of the league and were shocking in the 2nd half of last season. Complaints are justified.

      We wouldn’t have Pardew if we were a big club!? Do you think we wanted him in the first place??? You’re the one who needs a grip on reality. You probably think Swansea are a bigger club than Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday.

  • Domnualb

    I am from Portsmouth and Newcastle is not my main concern but it seems to me, as a neutral, this guy Alan Pardew has too long a contract.