An A-Z of PMA…


05/12 – Arsenal

“You come to a tough place, where they have got their tails up and are in good form.”



27/04/14 – Arsenal

“Maybe three, maybe four points will probably secure it, and we need to get those in three tough games.”

Source: Chronicle


22/08/14 – Aston Villa

“They have good players – they still carry great players, Aston Villa, and it will be a difficult game.”

Source: Chronicle


10/08/12 – Atromitos

“It will be a hard game, for sure.”

Source: Daily Mail


03/04/13 – Benfica

“It’s a big test for us because I think when you play a team who are such a roll as Benfica are, it’s always difficult. They have great momentum and that confidence breeds it’s own success. It’s a difficult game for us, we’re under no illusions about that.”

Source: Daily Mail


11/11/11 – Blackburn

“It’s a tough game, but we could have been drawn against one of the top clubs, who are all still in it, away from home, so it’s not the worst draw we could have had, but it’s still a tough draw.”



04/12/12 – Brighton 

“It’s a tough draw for us. It’s a tough game – even last year we played quite well and still got beat.”



04/10/13 – Cardiff

“Cardiff is a tough place to go.

“They are all pulling together and it makes it easy (for them) to get a win.”

Source: Wales Online


01/02/14 – Chelsea

“We have to get ready for a tough game at Chelsea next week with a game plan that will work.

“It’s an important period because we have got two really tough games.”

Sources: Independent, BBC


07/11/12 – Club Brugge

“We are going to need to grab something from one of those [away] games, and by the look of that Brugge game tonight, it’s going to be difficult. They are a good side.

“It will be a tough game – we’re under no illusions about that.”

Source: ESPN


20/12/13 – Crystal Palace

“Tony plays a brand of football that’s tough to play against – physical, demanding and, at times, direct.”



29/08/14 – Crystal Palace will probably score

“I think Palace will be difficult for us. It’s very difficult when teams pack their defences and don’t give us any space.

“I think when we score it will be from a penalty or a set play or maybe a shot from the edge of the area or a ricochet. Hopefully.

“It would be nice to score two or more goals on Saturday as the way Palace play, they are quick on the break and you sense that they could score.”

Source: The Guardian


29/09/13 – Everton

“They have always been a difficult side to beat, especially at Goodison. It’s a tough place to go. They are in good form and it’s a tough game to play there.”

Source: Daily Mail


09/12/12 – Fulham

 “They are a good side and they play very, very well at home, so it’s a tough encounter.”

Source:  Daily Mail


25/08/14 – Gillingham

“Gillingham will be a tricky test. It is a difficult place, the atmosphere will be red-hot.”

Source: Chronicle


27/02/14 – Hull

“Hull is still a very tough place to go.

“I think they’ve only been beaten there four times, and only conceded ten goals.

“It’s a great home record they have. It’ll be a tough ask for us this weekend.”

Source: Daily Mail


11/05/14 – Liverpool to murder us

“It’s a tough game for us because at home, they have been awesome. They have got real pace in the team and in the modern game, that kills you.”

Source: Fox Sports


19/08/13 – Man City

“City have invested heavily again and obviously they will be one of the top contenders for the title, so it is going to be a tough game.”

Source: Sky Sports


06/12/13 – Man United

“It’s still a very, very difficult place to win.”

Source: Independent


19/11/12 – Maritimo

“We have Maritimo on Thursday and that is a tough game.”

Source: Chronicle


28/08/13 – Morecambe

“This was a tough, tough game, make no mistake.”



12/12/13 – Southampton

“We didn’t slip up against Norwich or West Brom, but I think Southampton are a little bit stronger than those two. It’s a difficult game for us.”

Source: Express


28/03/14 – Southampton

“I need to make sure that with the experience that I’ve got, I use it in the right manner, and I’ll be focusing on that, making sure that the team winning mentality doesn’t drop off, and that we structurally are right for what is a difficult game.”

Source: 7mSport


28/11/12 – Stoke

“They’re very, very difficult to beat always.”

Source: ITV


03/03/12 – Sunderland

“It will be a difficult game to win. Sunderland are very disciplined and organised and are going to make it difficult for us and put pressure on the ball.”

Source: Eurosport


14/10/12 – Sunderland

“It’s not about reflection (of the Manchester United game) it is about making sure that we are right for Sunderland because that is going to be a tough game. I think they are better this year.”



02/12/13 – Swansea

“We have a tough game on Wednesday against Swansea. They are a good side.

“Swansea is a tough place to go, they’ve done brilliantly at home.

“I think it is difficult to win, especially against teams you are expected to win against. They are the most difficult.”

Source: BeIN Sports & Wales Online


28/03/14 – Teams above us

“The last few results, particularly the last three, have been tough, tough games for us. The opposition have been above us, there’s no doubt about that, and we have not really had any breaks in the games.”

Source: Sunderland Echo


10/02/12 – Tottenham

“It’s a difficult game for us in terms of what’s happened this week with Harry winning the court case, which would have been a celebration in itself.”

Source: Shields Gazette


02/02/13 – Tottenham

“It’s difficult – it’s a tough game. I envisage it to be as tough a game as we’ve had all year.”

Source: Chronicle


01/01/14 – West Brom

“They are usually tight games and it’s difficult at their place. I always feel they score, West Brom, when they are home, so you have got to get two or three goals if you are going to win.”



03/05/13 – West Ham are a worry

“Nous is a word I use a lot about Kevin Nolan. He really knows how to win Premier League games. That’s what we’re up against. Kevin finds scoring positions through nous. It’s a worry for us. West Ham have a lot of nous.”

Source: Guardian


30/09/11 – Wolves

“We cannot go into this game as favourites in terms of if you were a betting man.

“If you were looking at the game on form then yes, we should win the game. But the Premier League throws the form book out of the window at times, and Wolves are the type who upset that.

“Their work-rate, their commitment to the cause, they have got good players in there, and it will be a difficult game.”

Source: Sports Mole

  • Laurent Robert 32

    If it was a limbo competition for lowering the ambition bar, Pardim would win hands down. Maybe that’s why he’s a self professed ‘winner’, because his goals are so low?
    A tactical dinosaur, who, in a few years may also see fire as a common occurrence. The wheel will also be invented too.

    Stick to being a glazier, Alan, you class A prat.

    A storm is coming…