‘I, Pardew'; an anthology of BS and Pardspeak.


09/12/10 – Little did we know…

“I have always managed teams that have played attacking, positive football.”

Source: BBC


02/01/11 – Ah, that’s more like it…

“I’d settle for 1-0 every week.”



12/02/11 – After the 0-0 with Blackburn following the 4-4 comeback against Arsenal:

“I’m genuinely really pleased with that performance. We’ve had enough excitement for one week and a football game like that was a perfect tonic.”



02/04/11 – Shola =/> Tevez

“Shola was magnificent- he was brilliant in the air and he’s got such fast feet. He’s as good a striker as I’ve ever worked with and I’ve coached a few good ones, including Carlos Tevez, Teddy Sheringham and Bobby Zamora.”



13/08/11 – Remember Gervinho when he was at Arsenal?

“Ryan (Taylor) deserves a medal He was up against Gervinho, who I think is one of the best players in the Premier League – I know he is, because I tried to sign him.”



20/08/11 – Do we?

“Monday to Friday, we beat ourselves up at Newcastle, it’s tradition. But Saturday is about the game.”



15/01/12 – We’d prefer to lose 4-3:

“As a manager we love 1-0s. Get a clean sheet, stay disciplined and see the game out.”



05/02/12 – We lost 5-0…

“We can go to Tottenham and let our hair down. We will have a go and if we get beat, we get beat.”



06/03/12 – Cheers, Al!

“In the past the Tyne-Wear derby has been classed as just a local game, trust me. In London, they aren’t interested in it.”

Source: Evening Chronicle


23/08/12 - No idea:

“We go home with some new experience, and certainly for some of our players because they won’t get that time on the ball they had tonight in a Premier League game. Sometimes you can be uncomfortable with time, trust me.”



29/09/12 – Sixteenth is much better…

“I don’t want to be finishing seventh or eight every year, and he knows that. He knows what I am like.

“Mike knows me, he knows I have fallen out with chairmen before – that’s because I want to win things.”

Source: Evening Chronicle


18/10/12 – We wholeheartedly disagree.

“I always thought I should be a manager at a big club.”

Source: Shields Gazette


08/11/12 – “Ameobi to Ameobi” by Alan Pardew

“We had Ameobi to Ameobi – which is almost like a song – for the second goal, which was nice.”



25/11/12After defeat at Southampton:

“It was all good up until when it kicked off.”



11/12/12 – We’ve got to do football better:

“We could have done a bit better in the fundamentals of heading it, kicking it, passing it and making a tackle.”



26/12/12 – Mike Bassett, eat your heart out:

“I said to the players at half-time, ‘you have to expect Man United will score’.”



29/12/12 – Poor Remie

“I didn’t put Remie Streete on there to make a point. He really was my only defender and he shouldn’t be anywhere near my bench – that’s the truth of it.”



05/01/13 – Motivate them youngsters!

“I’m a bit aggrieved I can’t put out a stronger team than that because there are young players who gave everything.

“Unfortunately they shouldn’t be playing for Newcastle in the third round, they should be in our development team.

“But that’s where we’re at. We didn’t have enough good players on the pitch.”



06/01/13 – Plays weakened sides that have never gone beyond the 4th Round…

“I love this competition [the FA cup], there can’t be an English manager who loves this competition more.”

Source: Daily Mail


09/02/13 – He only scored twice:

“I actually thought we contained him (Gareth Bale) quite well.”



24/02/13 – Has played right-wing more-or-less ever since.

“I’ve been saying for a long time since I arrived at this club that we’ve never really had a natural number 10 because, in the modern game, you need to have that. Moussa Sissoko came in and is much better at that (than Demba Ba).”



27/04/13 – A catalogue of nonsense after the 0-6 Liverpool defeat:

“I’m not going to criticise my players, I’m not going to criticise the team in any shape or form on an individual basis.”

Seconds later…

“We need to show some discipline. A guy got sent off and we completely lost our way.

“Liverpool were faster and sharper than us. We never recovered from our start and, after going 3-0 down, we turned ragged, which isn’t like one of my teams and which we can’t accept.

“All my teams are organised and are on the front foot, looking to win the game, but that wasn’t the case.”



12/05/13 – Always good to know:

“I don’t really care if Arsenal win 4-0 (next Sunday) if I’m honest.”



12/07/13 – Yes, yes you have.

“I have never been accused of setting up boring teams.”

Source: Evening Chronicle


25/09/13 – Not sure what he’s getting at here:

“I bumped into a lady today when I was popping out for my lunch and she said, ‘You are looking after my nine-year-old at the moment’. I said, ‘Well, there is a route to the first team’.”



23/11/13 – Stupid, excitable Geordies:

“I keep criticising the press locally here in that when we win, we are a European team or whatever, and then when we lose, it’s the end of the world.”



30/11/13 – Please move to France and try to win it for real.

“There’s a good chance I could win French Manager of the Year. It’s something I have got my eye on!”



03/12/13 – Man who verbally abuses and head-butts fellow professionals discusses dignity:

“You have to prove yourself as a manager at any club, but particularly at a big club, that you can handle the tough times.

“Maybe people will look back on the last year and say, ‘Well, he handled it with a bit of dignity and respect’, which I tried to do.

“Bobby Robson bought that to this job and for me, that’s the beacon to make sure I uphold those traditions.”

Source: The Mirror


11/02/14 – Know your players:

“When I look at someone like Phil Neville, Santon could, in my opinion, be the Phil Neville of this football club, a kind of unsung hero like Phil was at Man U.”

Source: The Mirror


12/02/14 – Is that you, Mr Allardyce?

“Davide Santon’s midfield performance [against Chelsea] . . . forget about what it looked like to the naked eye, his stats were very good.”

Source: BBC


01/03/14 – On head-butting Hull’s David Meyler:

“I tried to push him away with my head.”



28/03/14 – Your precious stats beg to differ!

“Put on top my personality – which we all know is a little bit of a winning mentality – and I want to make sure we want to win.”

Source: BBC


28/03/14 – Is there such a line?

“Southampton have a huge catchment area and it’s a different type of catchment area,” said Pardew, whose Newcastle side travel to Southampton sitting just one place above them in the Premier League.

“There is a big working-class community, but there are a lot of middle-class kids who have a good education. The players who come out of Southampton are quite intelligent and there might be something in that. We have to put more intelligence into our players.

That’s another side of the academy, it’s very important to not just look after the football side of it, but to also bring the right personalities through.

“I’m definitely not going down the line Geordies are thick by the way, I’m trying to make a point that I hope you understand.”

Source: The Telegraph


30/08/14 – Wow, Mark Noble, really?

“I gave debuts to (Oxlade-) Chamberlain, Jonjo Shelvey, Mark Noble …and I put him (Aarons) in that category.”

Source: The Mag

  • cmrowley

    He’s like the George W Bush of the premier league.

  • Booshank23

    Like he’s trying to convince himself. Some serious cognitive dissonance threaded through all of his impetuous ramblings. Needs to be relieved of his duties and booked in for a psychological examination.

  • giimps

    just needs to be forced to read the crapr he spouts , maybe he wont continue at his next club (in outer Mongolia ) hopefully

  • mag

    That reads like a quiz – Pardew or Partridge

    The man either doesn’t engage his brain before speaking or he clearly has such utter contempt for this club and the people and the region in general… Just a shame our ‘media’ is such a bunch of lazy cowards too busy using twitter trolls for sources and patting each other on the back to call this man out for the absolute disgrace he is to not only the club but football in general.. He should be sectioned for this quote alone – “I have always managed teams that have played attacking, positive football.”

  • burni

    U missed one

    “We cant compete with the big teams.”

    After beating manu away, spurs away, chelsea at home….

    that wouldnt exactly motivate me if my manager said that

  • D8

    Yes they did ‘miss’ the fact that NUFC achieved those results. He meant not able to long term compete financially with teams backed by ultra rich countries/individuals, I see where he is coming from there, I’m sure there will be some guy prepared to say that he is going to compete.

    Ruud Gullitt said a lot of things when he joined the club, remember that? Talk is cheap!