What we want, what we think, how we can be detrimental…


We are too supportive:


“We took the lead and if it wasn’t for exuberance at the end, trying to get a second and the crowd urging us on and all getting a little bit carried away, we would have a really big victory today.”



Sometimes there are not enough of us:


“In our stadium 30,000 doesn’t feel a lot so there was no electricity.”



He knows us inside out:


“There’s nothing I don’t know about what’s going on in the town – how they feel about us, how they feel about the club, how they feel about removing the sign at the ground, how they feel about the performance at Spurs [recent 5-0 defeat] and how they feel about this game.”

Source: The Telegraph


We can be negative:


“We had to take Cabaye off because of an injury, that brought negative reaction from the crowd and that spread around.”



We have big expectations:


“It is a volatile club, it is not easy to manage. I know our fans always expect to win and I know I have to take huge disappointments on the chin a little bit.”



We’re too passionate:


“It’s a city that loves the club so much that it hurts itself, because of that love. If there was perhaps less pressure on our results, and the effect on the city, it would probably be a better club, but that’s what it is – it’s never going to change.”

Source: Evening Chronicle


We love hard work:


“We are a working class city and they love that. They love flair, but what they really want to see is that hard work and grind in a day’s work and Gouffran did all that and more today.”



After 6 defeats in a row, we still expect too much:


“It’s a big club. They expect sometimes things that we can’t deliver”

Source: Inside Futbol


We’re easily influenced by the press:


“Some of the criticism has been a little bit left-field and, I think, over the top, and that’s fuelled the anger here.”

Source: Evening Chronicle

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    after 6 defeats in a row… “It’s a big club. They expect sometimes things that we can’t deliver” – my personal favourite.